Karen Lynch was a Homicide Investigator for San Francisco Police Department, and prior to being promoted, worked as a patrol officer for nine years. After 29 years of police work, and a bout with breast cancer, she retired to become a full time writer. Her memoir, Good Cop, Bad Daughter-Memoirs of an Unlikely Police Officer, is the story of how being raised by a bi-polar mother, and a tribe of hippies provided Karen the perfect training to become a cop.

She is a native San Franciscan, and proud Cal Bear. She has been married to Greg for 25 years, and they have three children, their youngest, a daughter, was the subject of an award winning essay, “The Road to Kyra.”

Other Publications
Lucky Drive essay in Transitions anthology, NBTT Publications
In the Long Run essay published on Manifestation
Thorazine essay in Shades of Blue anthology, Seal Press